About the Venue

Massage Studio has several features which make it an especially relaxing place to experience a massage.

These include;
- Located in private residence, quiet neighbourhood.
- Small home business, with low distractions & noise.
- Climate controlled environment, always comfortable.
- Soothing music playing in background.
- Decorated pleasing to the eye.
- Gentle low intensity lighting.
- Scented with calming aromas.

All these things combine to create a wonderful atmosphere of peace and restfulness, a perfect place for both physical and inner healing. If you've only experienced large commercial Massage Venues, you'll be in for a special treat!

I've been running Hughesy's Massage for 11 years, and have a number of happy regulars, who attend both for pain management and others for relaxation.

WORKOUT GYM features over 20 different workout sections which vary each week due to the customizable nature of the machines. To see photos and videos of the gym please visit the Hughesys Massage And Fitness FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.